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Our blog

Why autumn is ideal for selling property

While spring, with its blossoming gardens and warm weather, is traditionally seen as the most active selling period of the year, for many vendors autumn can in fact turn out to be the best season for their sale.

With serious buyers, cooler weather, and less hustle, there are plenty of compelling reasons why autumn is ideal for selling property, as this blog explains.

Buyer motivation is high

By the time autumn rolls around, those relaxed summer holiday vibes are but a distant memory, and many people have turned their attention from recharging to achieving their goals for the year – which for many includes buying property.

Autumn also occurs just before the end of the financial year, which can help nudge buyers into a quicker decision if they are hoping to take advantage of any government schemes or incentives before June 30.

Keep in mind, however, that public holidays in this season can create lulls in the market, so avoid listing close to the Easter school holidays and/or Anzac Day – when many people (especially families) may take extended holidays. 

More serious buyers

Unlike the typically feverish atmosphere of a spring property market, the autumn market has a more measured and serious feel. With the holidays well and truly over, potential buyers have had the time to plan, research, budget and strategise to secure their new homes, and are usually keen to secure something before the winter chill sets in.

Fewer competing properties

If they have subscribed to the belief that spring is the best time to sell, vendors can flood the market from September to November leading to a potential oversupply of properties.

Come autumn, however, the influx of real estate stock tends to settle down. Fewer properties help drive buyer competition, maximising the vendor’s chance of achieving the best sale tag possible.

Fine weather

Autumn in Australia is renowned for its fine weather, with cooler days featuring clear skies and low humidity. This makes the selling process more pleasant for all involved, especially buyers, who no longer have to battle weather extremes during inspections or auctions.

Kerb appeal is naturally enhanced

Autumn is synonymous with nature, and for good reason. Deciduous trees are alive with colours, embellishing streets and gardens with pops of yellows, reds and orange amid evergreen natives. These types of displays seriously ramp up the kerb appeal of many properties at this time of year, to an extent not seen in other seasons.  

Regional and rural homes shine

Autumn is also perfect for transacting regional or rural homes, with lifestyle properties and locations attracting supercharged attention in the cooler months. Who can resist the charm of the countryside at this time of year— strolling amongst fallen leaves on a clear crisp morning, or sipping wine by the fire of an evening?


The best strategy when selling in autumn — or any season — is to use a professionally qualified and trained real estate agent.

As experts in their local markets, our agents can act as trusted advisors and negotiators for your sale, developing bespoke marketing strategies and connecting you with a large network of local, national, and international buyers. Contact your nearest Hockingstuart office today to learn more.

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