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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

We’re all guilty of it at one time or another. We don’t exercise because we don’t have time. We’d eat better but we’re too busy to cook. We’d spend more time playing with our kids but we’re too tired.
But the reality is, if we really, really want to do something, we find a way to make it happen. There’s a proverb dating back to the 1600's that says it best - to him that will, ways are not wanting. Or in modern English, where there’s a will there’s a way.
Sunday’s announcement of extended restrictions has had many people throwing their hands up in the air. In our industry alone, we’ve seen everything from threats and boycotts to agitation and despair. But here at hockingstuart Altona/Williamstown, we prefer to find reasonable solutions rather than complain.
Here’s the root problem - we know we have clients who need to buy and we know we have clients who need to sell. And we’re considered a step three industry, which means no private inspections until October 26 - another six weeks away.
Here’s the solution - we’ve written a clause into our sales contracts which makes them subject to a satisfactory physical inspection. It allows us to work with serious buyers who are in principle happy with what they see virtually and negotiate a price with sellers. Contracts are exchanged, but only become unconditional (and can therefore proceed to settlement) once the clause is satisfied. If it’s not, there’s no penalty for either party and the contract is ended.
It’s entirely legal and risk free for all. No fights, no drama, just a sensible solution.
Because where there’s a will, there’s always a way.
All the best,
Anthony Anile
0421 056 056