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Tess & Luke’s Self-Contained Studio Stunner for the Win

Securing a huge win this week, Tess and Luke knocked it out of the park with heroic measures by creating The Block’s only self-contained studio that impressed the judges with their consideration of space, thoughtful layout and beautiful styling. The pressure was on and everything was on the line for the Queenslanders this week, as they only had enough money left to finish that room. “This is it,” said Tess as they took on their most ambitious challenge to complete a floor plan that included a bedroom, ensuite bathroom and eat-in kitchenette. 

Though all of the Blockheads showed well this week, Tess and Luke set themselves apart in a few key ways that swayed the judges to their favour (with a little help from the gnome) for a much-needed win as well as a nice cash cushion to continue with their highly-anticipated St Kilda apartment to present at auction.

What was the main challenge they overcame to win this room? 

Still working with a dwindling shoestring budget, Tess and Luke continued to be creative with their remaining funds while also angling for a win so they would be able to complete their apartment with additional prize money. The kids from Cairns worked all night to get to the finish line. 

At tools down, Tess and Luke confidently said, “At the end of the day, we have a room that we really like. We’re proud of it.”

What did the judges have to say about their suite?

When judges Neale, Shaynna and Darren entered Tess and Luke’s studio and surveyed the components of their space they were absolutely delighted. The bedroom, while sizeable, shares a wall with a separate kitchenette area fully outfitted with a stovetop, oven, sink, refrigerator, cupboards and a petite dining are that could double as a working desk. 

“This is a really great solution,” said Darren emphatically. Neale agreed immediately that it felt like a ‘proper self-contained little apartment.’

Shaynna was pleasantly surprised when she opened the doors facing the king-sized bed to reveal a flat screen tv, marble-top buffet and drawers for storage which provided a sense of a living room space. “This is really, really good.”

The judges went on to the ensuite bathroom where they were greeted by a massive shower with Tess and Luke’s signature matte black fixtures as well as a vanity with storage. Neale nodded approvingly as he said of their studio, “This is a luxury based upon functionality. The styling is consistent with what we’ve seen in the bedroom and kitchen. It’s perfect.” 

Beyond Tess and Luke’s mastery of their thoughtfully designed studio space, the judges pointed out that the Queenslanders had really made a gallant effort to set themselves apart. “You are now competing with a different buyer from everyone else. They’re competing for a multi-generational buyer. Pointed out their savvy in considering buyers who may have elderly parents, teenagers, au pair, international students. “I think this might well be a full family house,” said Darren.

Final comments from Neale on Tess and Luke’s winning studio were, “They have really thought it through. They’ve gone through the checklist of what the space requires to be self-sufficient. I think there’s going to be plenty of buyers.”