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Tess & Luke’s Ensuite Reveal Evokes Sense of ‘Lusciousness and Finesse’

Ensuite bathroom reveals on The Block was a week of high risks and high rewards. Tess and Luke, who were looking to play some catch-up, threw a hail mary pass by pulling the hi pages lever. The alarm bells were heard around The Block as an ‘army of tradies’ rushed to Apartment 2 to get started on various priority projects surrounding the ensuite bathroom and preparations of Tess and Luke’s much-anticipated lift shaft. For their bathroom design inspiration, Tess described it as ‘beautiful, nice and dark’. “It will complement the moody, or what was it? Scan-deco. It complements both of the bathrooms we’ve already done and tries to bring everything together.”

Tess and Luke achieved a high level of execution in their Week 6 ensuite bathroom reveal and wowed judges Neale, Shaynna and Darren yet again with their signature ‘scan-deco’ aesthetic, confirming that the Cairns duo are indeed contenders to watch for a big finish come auction day.

What was the main challenge they overcame to win this room? 

Luke’s original plan was to have the bathtub placed halfway between the vanity and the shower however, upon placement of the big tub, he realised it felt “a little random”. His solution was to move it closer to the shower on one side, however it could only go as far as the pipes would allow it to go without compromising the bath’s spout location and mixer since the puddle flange had already been dropped into position in the middle of the room. Thankfully, one of the plumbers produced a plumbdinger to save the day. Tess and Matt the Builder celebrated with a signature ‘Elaine’ from Seinfeld dance, “throwing thumbs like a champion.”

Later, a small miscommunication with their glazier left Tess and Luke to scramble at the last minute to frost their ensuite bathroom window but it couldn’t be scheduled until the day after the reveal due to it being short notice on a Sunday.

What did the judges have to say about their ensuite bathroom?

“It’s absolutely stunning,” exclaimed judge Shaynna. “Tess and Luke really know how to do bathrooms, don’t they?” The judges collectively loved the terrazzo and the ‘beautiful tile choice’ which they agreed worked together perfectly.

There was some mixed feedback regarding Tess and Luke’s dark feature wall, but Shaynna championed their decision again. “I love dark dramatic walls. And this becomes like this amazing pillar that connects to these gorgeous basins. And also having this brushed gunmetal - they could not have selected a better tap. It absolutely rocks it.”

Though Tess and Luke did seem to lose a point for their un-frosted window with a note on it saying that the job would be done the following day, to which Neale remarked, “That’s quite a view from the shower!” But all in all, the judges were impressed by yet another stunner of a bathroom from the Cains couple.

Closing comments by the judges were: “Tess and Luke are hitting their stride because we have really had a go at them with their styling,” said Shaynna as she admired their thoughtful staging of their loofah, bath salts, detoxing water and fruit platter. Neale gave another nod to their signature aesthetic that has evolved through the weeks, “Little bit Scandy, a little bit art deco. I think that works beautifully in here.” Darren said positively, “Execution is very good throughout. I’m going to walk out of here with a sense of lusciousness and finesse.”