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Tess & Luke’s Dark and Moody Living/Dining Room Sparks Potential

This week was living and dining room reveals on The Block and all five couples were looking for a big payday to pad their waning budget by winning the $10,000 cash prize. Though there was some neighbourly drama surrounding other Blockheads, Tess and Luke kept their heads down and worked until the very last minute to complete their living and dining room with thoughtful consideration of the space. Ultimately, while the elements were there, the judges gave Tess and Luke suggestions to make some minor modifications to the space to have more visual and physical flow, focusing on the best features of their living and dining room. The Queenslanders kept to their signature dark and moody aesthetic for cohesiveness throughout.

What was the main challenge they overcame to win this room? 

With a very limited budget, Tess and Luke strategised to spend where it mattered the most, choosing to invest in exquisite hardwood floors, a black brick feature wall with a fireplace and a bespoke walnut table from Ecobuild. Time was not on their side with only builder Matt on site with them for half a day due to budget constraints. It was also ‘no power tools day’ which meant they had to cut the remaining tiles for their black brick feature wall manually, slowing them down considerably. Luckily, Jesse from Apartment 5 came by to save the day, not only bringing his tiling expertise but also a spare bag of grout to help out Tess and Luke in the pinch. 

What did the judges have to say about their living and dining room?

When judges Neale, Shaynna and Darren first walked into Tess and Luke’s apartment, they immediately exhaled at the massive open space compared to Mitch and Mark’s living and dining room. 

“I have to say this feels twice the size of next door,” said Shaynna. “And can you imagine when you can see through that skylight? It will be absolutely stunning.” The judges were smiling as they looked up at the opening in the ceiling that allowed the sunlight to beam down and give warmth to the space.

The judges also applauded the Cairns duo for using their budget wisely as they admired their different design details. Shaynna said, “So the money spent on the floor, you can actually see it.”

Admiring their bespoke dining table, Darren thought the timber was ‘gorgeous and tactile’. “I love this beveled edge. I love the thin strip,” said Darren approvingly.

While the judges recognised Tess and Luke’s commitment to their signature dark and moody aesthetic, their feedback was to add a few more elements to lighten the space. Though Shaynna thought the light furniture and rug added some contrasting softness to their black tone palette, she recommended getting an even bigger rug and putting some light cabinetry under the television shelf to match the benchtop. 

Shaynna also suggested turning the dining table into a modular, or perhaps converting the space into a kitchen and massive lounge room, doing away with the dining table altogether and create a better flow into the outdoor entertaining area. 

“I love the colouring, I love the design, I love the layout,” said Neale. Stylistically, everything was consistent about Tess and Luke’s living and dining space which the judges appreciated. We look forward to seeing how Tess and Luke take on the judges’ feedback and make the adjustments needed.