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Tess & Luke Wow Judges with Unique “Scan-Deco” Guest Bedroom

It was an emotional Week 5 for all five couples with a neck and neck competition of guest bedroom reveals, ending with what has been described as “the most controversial judgment The Block has ever seen.” As part of the challenge this week, each couple got the opportunity to collaborate with some veteran all-stars of The Block and serendipitously Tess and Luke were paired with one of hockingstuart’s most celebrated past winners - Josh and Elyse. A thrilled Tess said, “They are winning contestants on The Block. They know what they’re doing.” Working together, they ranked high with their glamourous guest bedroom showing off a stylish wood panel feature wall. Though Tess and Luke didn’t walk away with the $20K cash prize this week, they certainly ranked high in points and still felt very much like winners from the unanimous praise they received from judges Neile, Shaynna and Darren, which even included a new design term created in their honour.

What was the main challenge they overcame to win this room? 

Following consecutive weeks of temperate weather, Melbourne winter finally showed itself in full force as non-stop rain began to pour down on the apartments to foreshadow the ‘storm that was a-brewin’ on The Block. Luckily Tess and Luke were able to avoid the drama this week and were overall very pleased with the outcome of their efforts. An application of a dado rail doubled as an impressive picture rail detail as well as a well-appointed solution for when they were unable to source longer timber panels for the entire height to the ceiling. “We’re really happy with how our bedroom turned out,” said Luke proudly of their show-stopping wood panel wall, plush accents and moody colour palette. “We were happy to play around with a few different styles and mix it up a little bit.”

What did the judges have to say about their guest bedroom?

Walking into Tess and Luke’s guest bedroom, the judges nodded in agreement that the room ‘felt beautiful’ and that ‘the panelling on the wall is just stunning and a great reference to the tiles from last week’s bathroom.’

Though Tess and Luke were unsure of their dado rail bar that split up their timber feature wall, Shaynna confirmed their strategic execution as a “very well considered choice.” Darren, while running his hands along the timber in awe, remarked that he simply “couldn’t love this wall more”. Neale was beside himself as he described the guest bedroom in one word - ‘accomplished’ - as he also shared that their all-star collaborators Josh and Elyse were, and now remain, one of his favourite Block couples for their ability to transform a space. “To me this is a room of really interesting calculated risks,” said Neale.

Much to Tess and Luke’s delight, Neale coined a new design term to describe their guest bedroom - “Scan-Deco” - a portmanteau to celebrate their balanced use of Scandinavian and Art Deco styles. The judges collectively agreed that Tess and Luke have finally found their niche and will ultimately create a ‘killer home’ for their buyer if they continue competing at this level.

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