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Tess & Luke ‘Sell the Dream’ with Their Stylish Kitchen Reveal

“It’s Kitchen Week on The Block, and we know that kitchens sell houses!” said Scotty on this week’s episode of kitchen reveals. The Blockheads rose to the challenge as all five couples did their best to muster up their energy and clever strategy to complete a crucial room in their house. Finances were dwindling and exhaustion was felt across the board, but Cairns couple Tess and Luke powered on to be a strong contender in this week’s room reveals. A small victory earlier that week earned them $5,000 and a bonus point which gave them a bit of a lift, but with a limited budget to finish 11 more spaces the pressure was on and the stakes were high to win what Scott has been confirmed to be ‘the hardest Block ever’.

What was the main challenge they overcame to win this room? 

In addition to the call for astute design strategy due to budget constraints for all Blockheads, it was a nail-biter waiting for Tess and Luke’s massive four square meter island bench to arrive. Following some last-minute change-ups, the piece arrived just 15 minutes before their power tools curfew but they placed it with time to spare and it fit perfectly. “It’s all good. We’re happy,” said Tess grinning from ear to ear. 

What did the judges have to say about their kitchen?

When judges Neale, Shaynna and Darren walked into Tess and Luke’s stylish St Kilda kitchen, they were again blown away by their signature dark and moody style accented by a bright and expansive island bench. Judge Neale said, “I love a big kitchen island because I believe that is where life gets lived. And this, to me, serves that purpose beautifully. I can imagine life being lived at this island bench and it’s going to be the heart of the home.” The judges only feedback was an easy fix of adding more seats to the island to allow for entertaining.

“Can I just say I am loving this grain,” said Judge Shaynna as she ran her fingers along the overhead cabinet door as it suddenly lifted to reveal the space behind. The judges were impressed with the thoughtfully-designed sensored display lights and the push-button closer. Darren loved the tie-in of the dark floors to the ‘chocolatey’ laminate of the cabinetry. He said, “I think it’s really magnificent.”

As the judges moved into the laundry room, Shaynna immediately went to the cabinets to survey the space. Happily, she said, “It functions, it works, and it ticks every box.” Shaynna was also delighted to discover an extra dishwasher, suggesting that the laundry room could double as a butler’s pantry, and the judges collectively applauded their clever use of space. 

Though Tess and Luke did not take home the win this week, overall the judges gave them high marks for their kitchen reveal. Closing comments by Darren were that their kitchen was, in its own right, ‘spectacular’. Shaynna described their styling on the island bench as ‘superb and just right to sell the dream’ and Neale gushed by saying “What I love about this kitchen is it just feels really contemporary but classic at the same time. It’s timeless.”