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Tess & Luke Marvel with their Massive Media Room Reveal

With fatigue setting in and budgets dwindling, the Blockheads soldiered on for this week’s media and hallways reveal. Tess and Luke’s show-stopper was to be their Viridian glass floor in their media room that would allow light to flood down from their skylights into the entertaining space on the ground floor below. 

With little money in the bank, Tess and Luke were forced to do more with fewer tradesman. They focused their efforts on their media room which received an outpouring of praise from the judges for its sizeable area, thoughtful styling and the glass floor that was a conduit for light through the different levels. “It’s a point of difference that we have quite a large media room,” said Tess of how she and Luke designed the space with their buyer in mind.

What were the main challenges they overcame to complete these spaces? 

Being mindful of their budget while keeping their eyes on what they wanted to achieve, Tess and Luke offered their spend at Freedom to Mitch and Mark in exchange for the services of Wilson the expert plasterer and his team who helped them get to the finish line in the previous week.

Then, in the eleventh hour, Tess and Luke’s paint spray gun began to malfunction. Jessie from Apartment 5 came to the rescue and helped them fix the problem and they were able to finish painting the hallways in time for tools down.

What did the judges have to say about their hallway?

Walking into the kitchen, judges Neale, Shaynna and Darren immediately looked up to see the light flooding in from the skylight through to the floor of the media room upstairs. “Oh my goodness. How good is that?!” exclaimed Shaynna.

The Viridian glass chosen by Tess and Luke made Neale feel like their house was ‘breathing again.’ “The transformative effect that those skylights have in terms of light and height is just incredible.”

The judges then fixed their gaze on the island bench that no longer had a kitchen table attached to it, much to their delight. “What an improvement. This lounge room now feels generous,” said Darren. Neale agreed that it really ‘changed the energy down here’.

Going up to the media room, the judges were in awe of the space Tess and Luke created. They had outfitted the walls with ‘deep bottle green’ wallpaper and contrasted it with large yet cosy ivory couch, the ceiling capped with VELUX skylights. “This whole ceiling is selling the house to me,” said Neale. “It’s so light and bright up here. It’s a triumph.”

Darren pointed out the clever and cohesive connection between the downstairs lounge room and upstairs media room through the glass floor while still having an acoustic barrier in between.

Though the styling had been kept to a minimum due to budget, the judges could still get a clear sense of the potential of Tess and Luke’s media room space and how a would-be buyer may get excited about making it their own.

To see Tess & Lukes house click here

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