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Tess & Luke Do a Lot with Little on Double Verandah Challenge

The Blockheads braced themselves for a big week to complete both Level 2 and Level 3 verandahs with the scaffolding also scheduled to be pulled down to finally reveal the newly restored facade of The Oslo. Tess and Luke’s valiant efforts towards double verandah week paid off, as they revealed two stylish balconies that won them second place - an incredible achievement considering their lack of budget at this point in the season. 

Tess and Luke were immensely pleased with what they accomplished. “I really liked the Level 3 balcony. I can just imagine waking up in the master bedroom and having breakfast there. Looking out over St Kilda and the rest of Melbourne. It’s a really, really good view,” said Luke proudly.

What was the main challenge they overcame to complete these spaces? 

With a huge double reveal on the line, Tess and Luke each focused on what they did best - Tess set out to squeeze every last cent from their limited remaining budget and Luke managed the construction on-site. As the Queensland duo found themselves slightly behind the others, Keith the foreman offered his services to help get them back up to speed. They gratefully accepted his help and managed to finish punching in the nails just moments before tools down.

What did the judges have to say about their double verandah?

Coming from Mitch and Mark’s “party house” next door, the judges Neale, Shaynna and Darren certainly noticed the contrast of the two spaces. They appreciated the sophisticated styling that Tess and Luke have settled into and maintained throughout as well as their smart furniture and decor selections. 

Starting from the Level 2 verandah, the judges were very positive about Tess and Luke’s practicality and consistent style. “I really like the industrial vibe,” said Darren as he pointed out the sleek and sophisticated concrete coffee table. And Neale agreed, “Tess and Luke have got a really good eye for styling. Even though the money is very tight at this stage, the pieces that they’ve chosen have been chosen well.”

The judges also appreciated Tess and Luke’s aspirational vision for their verandah spaces. “They’re selling the story of, this is where you sit, you have your cup of tea. They’re selling the idea, and they are selling the lifestyle with a limited budget that they have,” said Shaynna, as she gestured towards the welcoming tea service set-up and game board in place. 

Going up to the Level 3 verandah coming off of the master bedroom, the judges were very pleased with Tess and Luke’s design execution which presented a calm oasis-like contrast to Mitch and Mark’s party atmosphere.

“I think they’ve done so well. It’s a lounge, it looks out to this incredible view,” said Shaynna as she took a seat at the bar table and picked up a glass of wine. Darren thought the high elevator table was a really good idea. “It’s very wise to have a higher, more elevated perch here so that you can be connected to that outlook.” Neale agreed that, as a whole, the verandah ‘really does that view justice’ as he looked out on the Melbourne skyline.

Overall, the judges applauded Tess and Luke for making the most of what they had, while recognising their ultimate lofty vision for their St Kilda apartment. Neil affirmed, “This is consistent to what they delivered downstairs. It’s beautifully styled, and I think they’ve really done the absolute best that they could have done with the available budget.”

“I feel it’s got a beautiful energy to it,” said Shaynna with a smile.

With Tess and Luke continuing a strong run following their win last week with their self-contained guest suite, we look forward to seeing seeing a lot of buyer interest come auction day.