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Tess & Luke Create An Urban Oasis With Their Terrace

It was all about the spiral staircase for Tess and Luke’s terrace this week on The Block. Outdoor areas are a key feature in any desirable home, and although perhaps not quite as key as a kitchen, a well-appointed terrace can bring exceptional value come auction day. This week also saw real potential buyers come through each property, creating a whirlwind of stress and excitement among The Blockheads.  

Later in the week each of the couples tried their hands at a lip sync battle, and there were no holds barred. With some much-needed money on the line, Tess and Luke completely wowed the judges, including guest judge Guy Sebastian, with their rendition of the 90s classic Baby Got Back. Judge Shaynna exclaimed, “I think that was absolutely incredible, you NAILED IT!” The full-throttle performance scored the Cairns pair third place and a $2000 cash injection.

What was the main challenge to overcome to win this room?

As budget limitations continue to add extra pressure on Tess and Luke, they worked with their landscaper and builder to squeeze as much value into their terrace as possible. One area of contention that came up this week was whether to include a BBQ or pizza oven on their terrace. After some back and forth, the duo agreed to trust their landscaper and forewent a BBQ – will the decision pay off?  

The aesthetics of Tess and Luke’s terrace carry the moody palette from the interior, out to the exterior through dark timbers on the furniture and black details. Bringing in a pop of colour and brightness are the gold pots.  

Despite the limited budget, the builder added in some extra touches to help bolster the Cairns team through to the finish line.

What the judges had to say about the terrace

One of the most noticeable features on Tess and Luke’s terrace is the seamless flow of the colour palette. The new outdoor space perfectly matches the dark and moody theme seen in the living and dining rooms, which makes for a lovely indoor/outdoor transition.

But nothing could take away from the dramatic spiral staircase. As judge Darren Palmer said: "The staircase is absolutely beautiful. Even at night when all these little lights are going to light up the tread, you'll get a sense of the movement that the spiral gives you." The spiral stair connects Apartment 2 right up to the shared top floor terrace, and is the only one on The Block.

Other design elements include a full height PGH Brick wall, which features tonal gradations and textures. The same effect has been applied to the floor with different tiles, a feature that Shaynna Blaze thought added some oomph, "I do love their play on the different tiles, like it's different shapes and different colours, and it's a light relief when you first walk in because it's so dark everywhere else but we've got light and shade on the floor.”

The space also features climbing planters and an overhead heat lamp (making sure the space is usable even on a cold Melbourne night). Darren praised the two, saying, "One of the big strengths of this space is they've played with textures on a neutral monochromatic dark palette and then sculptural items.”