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Steve Burke Leverages His Skills As Dad and Director

In anticipation of Father’s Day this Sunday, we are excited to share our interviews with some fantastic hockingstuart fathers each day this week! From various offices throughout Victoria, each real estate dad shares a snapshot of their daily balancing acts between both home life and their professional career. Our second interview is with Steve Burke on his skills as a dad and Director of hockingstuart Glen Iris

How many children do you have, ages, names..

Two sons - Liam,16 and Conor,14. 

How do you balance being a dad and real estate professional?

I do my best to take an active interest in my sons’ lives by talking to them regularly, attending their sporting commitments where I can, driving them to early morning trainings and going to the footy with them to watch the Tigers.

What are some qualities about yourself as a dad that you find transfers nicely into your professional life?

I am a caring dad who looks out for his sons and this is the same way I work to support my staff and clients. It is a natural instinct of a parent to protect and guide your children until they are ready to ‘fly from the nest’ and this is the way I look to assist my clients when they are selling their property. 

Advice for other new dads entering the world of real estate?

Be productive at work and then block out time for when you will leave early and when you will be home. It needs to be flexible at times but aim to stick to the blocked out times to achieve an important balance between work and family time.

What are some of your favourite things to do with your kids on your days off?

I love going to the MCG with my lads to watch the Tigers. I also enjoy having a coffee, going for a run, playing table tennis and going to the beach with Liam and Conor whenever I can.