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Meet Josh & Elyse from The Block

hockingstuart gets up close and personal with the coolest kids on The Block in this exclusive Q&A with Josh Barker and Elyse Knowles. Read on to find out what life on the show is like, and hear more about their 46A Regent St house – currently on the market in Elsternwick.

Forget #relationshipgoals, Elyse and Josh (model and carpenter) are fast becoming the face of Melbourne’s property goals. After buying and renovating their first home together, they are now dominating this year’s season of The Block, with 6 room wins (and many hours of missed sleep) under their belts. As they head towards the finish line, they took some time out to share a little more about their experiences.

What made you decide to run for The Block?

Josh: Well, apart from the obvious opportunity to explore the unthinkable when it comes to renovation and design, we were keen to face the mental and physical challenge that the show offered. It’s really been about getting through it unscathed, about learning and growing at each new step and about still loving each other at the end of it all.

Elyse: We actually almost applied for a previous season, but decided to hold off until we could really showcase all that we’d learnt throughout the renovation of our own house in Coburg. We felt ready this year, armed with the necessary skills and keen to show off what we can do.

What’s been the highlight for you both on the show?

Elyse: Finishing, haha. And finishing while we’re still in love! It’s also been great coming over the finish line with 6 wins – a pretty damn good result for two Victorians who didn’t think we could get on the show, let alone dominate.

What was the biggest challenge you faced on the show?

Elyse: SLEEP. The shock to the body has been insane. Somehow, we found the mental strength to power on and stick by each other, remaining side by side through it all.

Josh: The workload has definitely gotten heavier and harder each week, so I think our biggest challenge was finding the motivation to keep going. Everyone on the show was battling together, but I think we really poured ourselves into this project in pursuit of quality. We were determined to give 100% to every single room – we would rather not sleep and build each space to our standards, than sleep and not put our best foot forward.

What do you think sets your house apart from the competition?

Josh: I’m obviously biased, but I think the quality of our construction and design is incomparable. Right from the beginning, we focused on the build, putting insane self-imposed workloads on our shoulders to push the envelope and ensure the house was high quality.

Elyse, where did you get your styling inspiration?

Elyse: To be honest, I think I just picked it up quite naturally along the way. At the beginning of the show, I was scared to make decisions and take the risks that needed to be taken, but I evolved as the show progressed. We both love natural tones, like timbers and concretes, and I enjoy getting creative with textures, embellishments and colour palettes on top of those foundations. At its core, styling is not necessarily just about keeping up with current trends – it’s about being creative and about experimenting too.

You recently completed the renovation of your own home in Coburg. How did that experience differ to your one on The Block?

Elyse: I think time was definitely a major differentiator for us. After coming into The Block off the back of our 18-month Coburg redevelopment, we were met with time restraints and pressure that we never could have imagined.

Josh: Oh man, they were on a totally different level. In terms of time, budget and environment? It has been a whole new world.


You can see the result of Josh and Elyse’s hard work for yourself by viewing their property at 46a Regent St, Elsternwick from the comfort of your living room. Try our Panorama tour of the house via our website.

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