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Make Glass a Feature in your Home

Glass may not be the first thing you think of to add pizzazz to your interior, but it is a simple way to get a touch of sparkle and sophistication in your home. Below are some easy ways to make glass a feature in your home.

Take a Tumble

Upgrade your glassware to something a little nicer than a mass-produced set – perhaps something local and hand-blown – and you’ll be surprised at how it will make your dinner setting feel that much classier.

Flower Power

A gorgeous glass vase filled with fresh blooms is a sure fire way to uplift any tired space. To create the most pleasing arrangement, consider what style suits you – romantic crystal, modern geometric silhouettes or something a little more organic?

It’s Lit

From floor lamps to desk lights and expressive feature pendant pieces, nothing makes glass sing quite like a well-designed lighting solution. Just imagine all the beauty as it glints and glistens through the glass shade.

Prismatic Perspective

Though stained glass has fallen out of favour of late, skilled leadlight and glass craftspeople can make gorgeous feature panels for doors or windows, or translucent shades which bring luminous colour and a wonderful vintage character to the home.

A Moment to Reflect

Mirrored surfaces can blur the bounds of small spaces, while an oversized framed mirror leant against a wall is an easy way to create a feeling of opulence.

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