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How to renovate your home for sale

Many people assume that ‘flipping’ a home requires a very run down home to begin with and a full-scale renovation to make it worthwhile, but often this isn’t the case. It’s not unusual to see a perfectly nice family home sell well at auction, only to be resold in a short period of time for a tidy return after undergoing a minor renovation. Understanding how best to renovate your home for sale can help you walk away with more money in your pocket.

To get the most bang for your buck you need to know where to focus your attention to help draw the eye of potential buyers, without costing you too much to make it worthwhile.

Renovating your kitchen

One of the first rooms people are drawn to when inspecting a home is the kitchen, so it goes without saying that this should be one of the first areas you focus on.

While size can be a drawcard for many people, it’s not the only thing to consider and a small kitchen can be just as exciting if done right. To give your kitchen a facelift without a full rebuild, a fresh benchtop in stone or marble will give your kitchen new life, while replacing or painting all the cupboards will make it look brand new (and it’s easy to do on your own).

A bigger budget can allow you to replace your appliances – particularly those that are built-in like dishwashers and ovens – to really wow buyers.


When renovating your home, it’s important not to forget the outside as well. Tidying the garden, removing weeds and planting to improve the aesthetic appeal will all add value to your home. However, you can further increase the appeal with an outdoor renovation. Replacing a broken path, building a deck for an outdoor entertaining area or extending the external architecture can make a plain garden more broadly appealing.

Small home renovation tips for those on a budget

If it’s not in your budget to do a complete renovation, there are few simple and cost-effective tweaks you can make to your home to add value. Painting will immediately freshen up a space, while replacing carpets – particularly in well-worn areas – can help keep things looking clean. Finally, replacing cupboards, doors and all their handles can immediately help your home feel more modern.

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