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How to refresh a rental

A rental property doesn’t have to feel like a rut that you can’t get out of. With a few simple styling tricks you can refresh a rental to make it feel more like home.

Scale it Down

Sure, that giant sofa bed you inherited from mum and dad might be a perfect solution for unexpected guests, but its giant scrolling arms are taking up an extra metre of standing space! Keep your eye out for pieces with slim profiles, and witness your whole living room feel that much airier.

Let There be Light

Do an inventory of your rental’s shadiest corners and apply a little design-savvy to each. Pair your comfiest chair with that op-shop lamp to make a reading nook, or angle a mirror to the outdoors to create another window to the world. Also be sure to check any overlooked nooks and crannies for mould – unpleasant but necessary.

Plant to Succeed

There is no end to the benefits of filling your home with greenery. Peace Lilies and Devil’s Ivy will thrive indoors and purify your air at the same time, while Fiddle Leaf Figs and Monsteras are a favourite with stylists for their bold shapes.

The Art of Adulthood

Owning art is a real grown-up move, especially when you go the extra mile and have it framed. Don’t let your miscellaneous prints pile up somewhere unseen – lean a couple of pieces on top of a shelf to introduce a personal touch to your space. Many landlords these days will approve temporary hooks and, if you’re on good terms, even allow the installation of permanent ones.

Get Out More

Don’t neglect your outdoor space, however small. When furnished with a well-placed plant, or compact table setting, even the tiniest balcony can bring joy.

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