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hockingstuart Duo Clinch Their First Win with A Bathroom Masterpiece

It was an explosive Week 4 on The Block for Cairns couple Tess and Luke, who celebrated their very first victory of the season with a stunning Main Bathroom reveal. Their hard-earned and highly-anticipated win came off a rollercoaster week of highs and lows. “This week was one of the most full-on weeks I’ve experienced on The Block so far,” said Tess. Luke celebrated his 30th birthday with the cast and crew, however, the party ended abruptly once Tess and Luke realised that a costly mistake in fixture placement may take them out of the running completely. Luckily, there were clever tradesman that saved the day with solutions to ultimately crown Tess and Luke the ecstatic champions of the Main Bathroom challenge!

What was the main challenge they overcame to win this room? 

Tensions ran high for Tess and Luke of Apartment 2, who were by that point the only couple without a room win so far. They were also quickly running out of money and had their eyes on the prize to secure the $10,000 Volkswagon windfall for this week’s victors, Tess and Luke ambitiously chose a make-or-break mosaic tile design that posed a few challenges - one of which resulted in inconsistent tile alignment needing to be fixed in the 11th hour due to gluing issues. 

What did the judges love about the bathroom?

The first words out of Shaynna’s mouth when she walked into Tess and Luke’s Main Bathroom was “Wow. Now we’re talking.” Their courageous tile choice paid off in spades as the judges were dazzled by the elegance of the space as well as the generous and thoughtful storage solutions provided throughout. 

Their delight continued on as Darren climbed into the bath to marvel at the skylight just above, beaming the natural light in while highlighting a beautiful design feature on the ceiling. Style-wise, the judges concluded that Tess and Luke’s bathroom “demonstrated a luxury that could come out of simplicity”, something they had previously been unable to get quite right. Some constructive feedback pointed out a few minor paint spots and an ill-placed powerpoint between the vanities. 

Key positive comments from Shaynna, Neale and Darren included “next level, storage for days, they’ve done the floorplan justice.” With a grand score of 28 points, placing them ahead of all the other couples, Tess and Luke joyously celebrated their very first victory with their Main Bathroom reveal. 

Darren remarked, “this is one of the best bathrooms I’ve seen on The Block’.

Congratulations to our hockingstuart duo Tess and Luke on their well-deserved win! As The Block’s host Scott exclaimed, “The kids from Cairns take home the cash!” Stay tuned this week as Tess and Luke take on The Block.