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How to get a luxe bathroom on a budget

A luxe bathroom is your sanctuary away from the noise and stresses of your life, allowing you to relax, unwind and pamper yourself in the comfort of your own home. But getting the luxurious feel doesn’t require a blown-out budget. Here is how you can get a luxe bathroom on a budget:

Green is the new Black

Plants and freshly cut flowers are a stylist’s best friend, and a quick and an affordable way to bring life to a drab space. even one or two artfully placed blooms can add a touch of personality.

Scents and Sensibility

Invest in the best quality candle you can afford, or dig out the ones hiding in the back of your linen cupboard, and see your bathroom take on a luxe feel as you bask in its soft glow.

Lighten Up

High ceilings could support a new feature pendant or two, or an out-of-the-way corner might be the perfect spot for a wall sconce. Be wary of introducing any ill-positioned electricals into a wet area, and do consult a lighting specialist.

Window Dressing

If those old venetian blinds are forever in need of a good dusting, why not get rid of them altogether? an updated window dressing is a simple and cheap solution to revive a tired bathroom.

Spa Station

Whatever happened to all of those soaps, bath salts, loofahs, scrubs and diffusers you’ve been gifted over the years? hunt them all down, place them on a decorative tray and voilà! Instant in-house spa therapy.

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