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Colour Schemes to Suit Your Style

Colour can play a big part in your interior décor. Why not shake up your style with a completely new approach with these colour schemes to suit your style.


Certainly one of the most timeless palettes, carefully curated interiors in shades of black, white and grey can ooze minimal sophistication.


Organic shapes and fibrous materials are a key component to this palette – think ochre and timber tones teamed with woven textiles.


A great way to shake up your space is to be liberal with colour. Choose a range of bold tones that you love, and don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns.


If your tastes lean more towards subtle tones, soft muted hues may be the thing for you. To avoid committing to an overly feminine look, select a neutral base of white or pale green, and layer with changeable soft furnishings.


Including metallic finishes and plush velvet or leather surfaces is a simple way to bring a sumptuous glamour to your interior.

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