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Ways to bring light into dark spaces

Light brings a special quality to any space, but sometimes you don’t always have the perfect orientation to make the most of natural light. These ideas can help brighten it all up and bring some light into dark spaces. 

Colour theory

You’ll be surprised how much a new coat of paint can brighten up a space. Not up for a dramatic change? Your local paint expert can take the same hue and dilute it. Even a few shades lighter will make the light bounce of the walls and make everything feel brighter. 

Wall to wall light

Forget bulky floor lamps: a wall-mounted sconce or a well-positioned feature pendant will bathe your room in a warm glow. It may be worth consulting a lighting designer to get some expert insight on innovative solutions, particularly if you’re working with small spaces. 

A Moment to Reflect

The ultimate interior style hack is all just a bit of smoke and mirrors. One thoughtfully placed standing mirror can act as a window to natural light, and when placed flat on a windowsill, can double your view. Large mirrors not only help light to better reflect around the room, but can make your spaces appear larger at the same time.

The Art of Perfect Placement

Got a tight, gloomy corner that needs perking up? A bright piece of art will work wonders. If you’re not in the market to invest in an expensive piece, consider hiring one. Artbank has an ever-evolving collection of Australian contemporary art to choose from, to add some temporary zest to your home.

Work Your Angles 

It’s an easy win, but it does pay to look up – down lights can often be positioned poorly. The effect of a properly fixed light source can totally transform a space. If you’re unsure if your lights have been fitted correctly, you can consult a lighting designer or even your local electrician.

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