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Trends in property management and investment

Twenty nineteen has been a big year in the housing market. What about property investment and management? While the market is well on its way to recovery, we consider where property management is sitting.

Property investment remains a good prospect in Melbourne

In its ‘Emerging Trends in Real Estate, Asia Pacific 2019’ report, PwC shares that from an investment perspective, Australia and Melbourne in particular, offer the best prospects for both investment and development. It goes onto explain that Melbourne has deep, liquid and mature core markets where investors can take a measure of comfort that assets will continue to trade and yields will remain healthy even during a downturn.

Always a needs for quality

Given that the conditions are positive from a property investment point of view, property management in turn is very much needed. “Despite the ups and downs in the market, we’ve found that the demand for great property management has remained steady,” says hockingstuart property management manager Louise Perrignon. Adding, “at the end of the day, good service always wins out and as more people continue to build their investment property portfolios, there is evermore need for quality property management offerings.”

If you’ve got a property that needs help from a property manager, reach out to our specialised network at hockingstuart today.

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