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Proudly barracking for the Seagulls

Some people don’t like seagulls. And it’s true, they’re loud and greedy and they want your chips. But like or hate them, seagulls have some pretty amazing (and highly effective) traits that have given them an incredible ability to not only survive, but thrive, even in the most difficult of situations.

Firstly, seagulls are amazing communicators. They have a bunch of different calls and are not afraid to use them to let their seagull buddies exactly know what’s going on.

Secondly, they’re survivors. While some animals are only able to eat particular things and will starve without them, seagulls can pretty much eat anything. Which is why they’re so keen for your chips. But even more impressively, if they eat something bad, they quickly know it and within a few minutes, will have puked it back up. In the absence of fresh, these super birds can even drink seawater – they pump the salt out through a gland at the base of their beak!

Seagulls are also patient and determined. Spying you eating said chips on the beach, they’ll happily wait for the chance to come and eat your leftovers, even if takes hours. Destroy their nest? They’ll just rebuild. Up to five times in the one season.

Lastly, seagulls are all about teamwork. They might not look like it as they squabble, fight and try to eat each other’s eggs, but at the first sign of an external threat they’ll band together and cooperate to protect the colony.

Quite a list. Good communicators. Survivors. Patient, determined team players. Sounds very much like our own Seagulls at the Williamstown Football Club. Which is why we’re so thrilled to announce we have just become the club’s new sponsor.

We will be there proudly barracking for the Seagulls at every game this season. And as a follow up from the grand final win in 2015, here’s hoping those special seagull qualities help our team bring home the cup again this year.

Anthony Anile


hockingstuart Williamstown

Community , Football Club , Sponsorship , Williamstown