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Meet Lucy Feagins of The Design Files

Whether you’re giving your home a much needed style update or simply love interior design, then you’ve no doubt paid a visit to the Design Files. Australia’s most popular design blog is the go-to destination to discover up and coming trends, the best new designers and the creatives who make it all possible. The brains behind this popular design resource is Lucy Feagins, a stylist and set dresser with an eye for style and quality photography. We asked her two important questions for everyone looking to style their home beautifully.

What is one unexpected interior design lesson you have learnt?

Last year we had the great fortune of building a brand new home, designed by Melbourne architects Kennedy Nolan. Despite photographing and writing about beautiful homes for over a decade, designing a new home from scratch with our architects gave me a new understanding of what great home design really means.

In my work as a stylist and editor, I look for decorative elements to provide focal point and add flourish to a room. But living in this home now makes me really appreciate the ‘invisible’ things – like airflow, ventilation, natural light and outlook. These aren’t always the first things to jump out at you (or to be noticed in a photograph), but it’s these subtle design elements that have the biggest impact on how a home makes you feel.

How can we support our local furniture and design industry on a budget?

Great question! I’m passionate about the Australian design industry, and supporting local design talent, but I completely understand that Australian made furniture and design often comes with a hefty price tag.

However, there are some great local designers making product really affordably – look at Dowel Jones in Melbourne for really fantastic contemporary furniture, made here at great prices. In Sydney, start-up NOMI is another local brand who is addressing that niche for local design at an affordable price point – the furniture is designed and packed locally, but shipped flat packed to keep costs down (think, the Australian answer to IKEA!).

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