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Maurice DiMarzio - School Zones

Maurice DiMarzio

Director, Balwyn

As the director of hockingstuart’s Balwyn office, Maurice understands the value placed around school zones. Here he shares considerations for buying or renting when school zones are important.

School zones can be a deciding factor for many people looking at property – whether renting or buying. What some people may not realise though, is that school zones have a big influence on the value of the whole area, and even the surrounding suburbs.

If a school has a great reputation and grows to capacity, it’s common to see that area jump in value, which effects rentals as well as sale prices across the whole suburb. This is something to be conscious of when looking at different areas as it may affect prices for you.

If proximity to a great school is exactly what you’re after, some deciding factors to keep in mind are transport options and boundaries. The catchment areas change regularly and if you’re planning ahead, you may find that when the time comes, you’re not in the school zone you thought.

Read more about new school zones and how it affects your suburb here

school zones , schools , melbourne property market , Balwyn