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Landscaping Tips from an Expert

Matt Leacy of Landart Landscapes shares his top tips for keeping your garden looking its finest.

Pruning is Key

Pruning is an important part because it helps existing plants grow anew. Simply trim back any hedges or shrubs and dispose of any dead or diseased branches.

Love Your Lawn

To keep your lawn looking green and fresh it’s critical to remove thatch and aerate the lawn to let the roots get as much water and nutrients as possible. You also need to fertilise with something high in nitrogen.

Mulch is Your Mate

Mulching is a must-do, preferably in spring but if you’ve missed the boat now is a good time to do it. You want to dig the mulch into the soil where possible, being careful not to apply it too closely to the trunk or stems. “I recommend mulching at least 50–70mm from the stems of trunks or plants,” says Matt Leacy.

Water Wise Gardening

Even when not in a drought we should be conscious of water consumption. A drip-line irrigation system is one of the most efficient ways of getting water into your garden. But because they run underneath the garden mulch it’s best to have it installed before you’ve done the mulching.

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