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“Being female is our greatest weapon.” - Stephanie Evans

Years in the real estate industry?

6 years.

How did you get your start as a real estate agent?

I began in Saturday reception at hockingstuart Sandringham and in 2010 I did some work experience so real estate was always in the back of my mind. I then explored two very different uni courses (Logistics then Health Science), both of which were not a great fit, so I decided to try property management within a property development company. They closed the real estate side of the business a year later, and I temped in PM for a while before becoming David Wood’s PA at Albert Park - never looked back!

Favourite parts about the business?

Love not sitting at a desk all day! Driving around, looking at beautiful homes, meeting people - sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work.

Do you have any mentors who helped shape your career?

Jenny Dwyer, Director of hockingstuart Sandringham but also my aunty. (Check out Jenny’s interview to be featured tomorrow!) She’s always, always, always there to talk - whether it’s celebrating amazing wins after Saturday auctions, or crying on the phone from the hard times which are common these days!

Can you share some advice for female agents starting out in the industry?

Being female is our greatest weapon! Just be your caring, confident self and you will stand out against all the suits. Clients are looking for something different, and being female is that difference.

What has surprised you most about your career in property?

Though I am highly productive and have achieved much success, I have found a side of me which can sometimes be unorganised - where my desk will get messy, my mind can wander and my processes can vary wildly.

Top tip and final words?

Make the hard calls first thing in your day. Constant communication with your clients is KEY. When things don’t go as planned, they won’t blame you as you have been talking to them along the way. CONNECT with the people you meet; whatever it is, dig deep and find a common interest. People like people like themselves :)

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