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“I wanted to quit a million times...but it’s worth persevering.” - Samantha McCarthy

Years in the real estate industry?

Almost 10 years!

How did you get your start as a real estate agent?

I was studying accounting at university and realised I wasn’t happy. I quit halfway through and applied for a FT job as receptionist at hockingstuart Werribee. Long story short, I missed out, but was offered a property management position which I reluctantly took not knowing anything about the role. I enjoyed it at first but quickly learnt it wasn’t for me and was offered a role in sales. Still at the same office to this day!

Favourite parts about the business?

It can be really rewarding. For example, when I’m working with a retired couple and I can help them achieve more than they could imagine or being a part of someone’s first home-buying experience and making sure it’s a great one. There are too many horror stories about bad real estate experiences and that needs to change. I love the flexibility and it’s financially rewarding if you work hard and smart.

Do you have any mentors who helped shape your career?

Our hockingstuart directors have been a huge support. Training coaches through Head Office. When things got particularly tough, Chris Hanley was and still is a fantastic mentor.

Can you share some advice for female agents starting out in the industry?

At first it can be daunting and overwhelming, but find someone within the office you can connect with and buddy up. Even if you get no financial reward for your time, consider it as investing in your future. Learn and soak everything up. Attend as many training sessions as possible and always ask for help! Once you’ve got the basics, it’s head down and go go go. For me, I wanted to quit a million times and the first 2-3 years was the hardest. But it’s worth persevering. Remember - if it was easy, everyone would do it!

What has surprised you most about your career in property?

Two things - 1) how long it took me to find my edge and be noticed in the marketplace as a “go-to” agent 2) that I’ve been able to write over $1M in GCI which was a goal I had set for myself.

Top tip?

#1 - I’m human. My clients are human. It just so happens that real estate is involved. I like to think, if my client was my best friend or grandparent or parent what advice would I give them? Ultimately, it’s not about me. It’s about THEM.

Final words?

I could talk for hours about it, but embrace trial and error. Learn from your mistakes. Take the constructive criticism on board (as hard as it is to hear). It’s okay to ask for help and just be as transparent, humble and human as you can be. And have fun!

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