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How to choose an agent

Make the process of selling your home more enjoyable.

Selling property can be a daunting experience. Keeping the house tidy for inspections and worrying about the marketing campaign can be physically and mentally draining.

The right agent can help put you at ease. But how do you know when an agent is ‘right’?

  1. Clear communication

The right agent will be a good communicator. This means understanding your needs as a seller and keeping you informed, as well as communicating effectively with prospective buyers.

  1. Experience

The right agent will have a solid track record of successfully selling property in your area. Ask to see his or her most recent sales results and compare them with the area’s median price.

  1. Local knowledge

Market trends, recent sales and what prospective buyers are looking for are all crucial to a successful result. Equally important is knowledge about local schools, restaurants and public transport, because the agent may have to sell the area as well as your property.

  1. Negotiating skills

The ability to put forward an argument, defend a position and win a debate are basic prerequisites for any agent who will be working on your behalf to ensure the best possible result for your property.

  1. Dedication to you, the seller

This may seem obvious, but it is imperative that your agent is working with your best interests in mind, as opposed to their own or those of potential buyers.

  1. Dedication to their job

Successful agents make real estate their career and never settle for mediocrity. Their passion for the industry should be apparent through your conversations and their approach to your sale.

  1. High ethical standards

A professional real estate agent will treat all parties with respect. Honesty, integrity and following through on commitments are paramount to the job.

  1. Knowledge of, and compliance with, the law

While legal questions should always be directed to your conveyancer or solicitor, your agent should have a solid working knowledge of the legal requirements associated with any property transaction.

  1. Marketing expertise

Your agent should be able to develop a targeted marketing campaign that will increase awareness of, and demand for, your property among an identified audience of buyers. This is crucial to a successful sale.

  1. A licence

In Victoria, it is compulsory for real estate agents to be licensed. It’s always worth checking!

Some of these points will be more important to you than others, and you may want to add points of your own. Rest assured, whatever criteria you want to apply your hockingstuart agent is ready for inspection!


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