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Having a Herb Garden at Home

Herbs can easily make a dish, but they don’t always last long when bought from the shops. Why not try growing some of your own?

Pick the Herbs you Like Eating

It might seem very obvious but if there are particular herbs you don’t like, don’t grow them! The best-looking herb bushes are the ones that get pruned (a.k.a. eaten) regularly.

Perennial vs. Seasonal

Herbs vary from being seasonal or perennial (evergreen). Ones like rosemary, thyme and oregano are all perennial, which means you can enjoy them all year round. More seasonal varieties include coriander, basil and parsley. So you can always shake up your flavours depending on the time of year, while keeping a solid staple of the faves on hand.

All Shapes and Sizes

You don’t need a big backyard, or even a big balcony to bring herbs into your life. From a little  windowsill pot abundant herbs can grow. They just take the right light and some TLC. And don’t forget to water!

Plants Need Nutrients

Don’t forget to give your herbs some nutrients from time to time – you can pick them up at a local nursery or hardware store and they’ll keep your herbs powering through. Spring is the perfect time for a little added pick-me-up for plants.

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