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Freedom (and Spring) is Around the Corner

People say that one of the best things about Melbourne is the fact that our seasons are so well defined. In summer, we have an almost unbearable stretch of arid, dry heat, followed by that magical cool change. In autumn, the leaves turn all shades of golden, making carpets to line the streets. Winter brings a stark and icy series of short dark days, making us want to curl up inside where it’s warm. And then spring, with its sudden burst of colour and new life - now just around the corner.
Of course, nature is busy underground well before the visual display of spring becomes obvious, particularly with the beautiful flowers like tulips and daffodils. Under the soil and unseen by the human eye, the bulb first puts out roots to anchor the plant, then grows stems at the tip which will later give rise to flowers and leaves. All of this framework sits just under the soil, awaiting the right levels of moisture and sunlight to send fresh green shoots bursting through the soil.
Midway through the lockdown, the streets of Hobsons Bay are largely deserted. But inside the houses, a record number of people are searching the portals for their next new home, viewing virtual tours, scanning photos and descriptions, and making lists of favourites to inspect. They’re getting ready to act and while many of them have not yet made direct contact with us, from the portal activity data we can see, their numbers and activity levels are only increasing as time goes by.
A few courageous buyers are making their move early, with some already finalising their purchase - eight so far for our office since level four restrictions began. If you’re one of the buyers waiting silently in the wings, it may well be worth coming forward now to talk through your position with one of our agents. Consider making an offer subject to a physical inspection - you might just get the jump on what is shaping up to be a hectic spring selling season.
Because after all, spring (and our freedom) is now literally just around the corner.
All the best,
Anthony Anile
0421 056 056