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Creating a Trendy Kids Room

The youngest ones in the house don’t need to miss out on some cool design ideas, elevate your kids’ rooms with any one of trendy kids room ideas.

Build it Yourself

The readymade tent is not only a stylist’s dream, but also a whimsical feature of any Insta-worthy kid’s room – although we all know there is nothing quite as much fun as an impromptu blanket fort.

Fun Storage

What if your kids found tidying so fun that they would do it all by themselves? Okay, so it’s probably a long shot, but there are many storage solutions on the market that try to gamify the process. Need inspiration? Try the old basketball hoop over a laundry hamper trick.

Make it Personal

Adults monogram their initials all over key chains, purses and phone cases, so why not put your child’s own name into the world? Names displayed in bold letters help introduce a sense of ownership to the space.

Big Kid palettes

Some little ones just want to be all grown up! Luckily, there is a fabulous shift away from stereotypical gendered colours and cutesy design, towards more complex tones in children’s rooms. Shake it up with a deep blue – a bold but calming backdrop to all those bright toys – or soft grey for walls that will age along with them.

Double, or Triple Duty

If the thought of continually updating your child’s room as they grow seems like an expensive hassle, check out Plyroom. The online store of ply furniture designed and made in Italy stocks the ingenious Ava system: a timber cot for infants that turns into a toddler bed, and then, when the kids swap Play School for real school, it transforms into a desk.

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