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Celebrating hockingstuart mums - Marnie Proudfoot

In anticipation for Mother’s Day this Sunday, we will be featuring some marvellous hockingstuart mums each day this week. From Sales to PM to Operations, each mum shares a snapshot of their daily balancing acts between both home life and their real estate career.

Marnie Proudfoot - hockingstuart Caulfield, Department Manager - Property Management

How many children do you have, ages, names..  

2 daughters - Lily, 12 and Scarlett, 9

How do you balance being a mum and real estate professional?  

The most important thing for me is having a husband who understands the depth of my work and how involved it is. I couldn’t do the job that I do without his support. We have a joke - I say the mornings are the hardest getting the girls out of bed and ready for school and he thinks the hardest is running around in the afternoon.  

What are some ways you find crossover between your two "jobs"?  

It’s funny - my girls like to play a game they call “hockingstuart” where they write up a story that they are taking to VCAT made up of issues that have occurred within a property. Much of their inspiration is drawn from what they hear me say because, at their age, they absorb all of it. They also think I am the busiest agent going around as they think every hockingstuart board, no matter the area or if it if a lease or sale board, is for one of my properties.

What are some qualities about yourself as a mum that you find transfers nicely into your professional life?  

My organisation in my personal life helps with the pressures of running a Property Management department and ensuring that everything is being handled. My children have also taught me how to listen better and assist wherever needed with my staff, who are just like a few extra kids for me in some ways. I worry about them and try to ensure that they are protected and nurtured, as well as give them enough rope to learn themselves.

Advice for other new mums entering the world of real estate?  

Working out a work/life balance is the most important thing to do.  You are never going to get anywhere if you try and achieve too much at once. Short term goals are the way to go. Also trust the people around you with both “jobs”. You are going to require the support from family, friends and work colleagues to achieve all you want.

What are some of your favourite things to do with your kids on your days off? Because both my husband and I both work full-time, the time that we spend with our children is so important. We have just renovated our house so if you asked my kids they would say that all we do is work on the house but between those times we love bike riding, playing games and swimming. Water plays a huge role in our lives. Just being a family unit is the most important thing, cooking is always happening and having our friends and family around seems to happen all the time.