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Celebrating hockingstuart mums - Louise Periggnon

In anticipation for Mother’s Day this Sunday, we will be featuring some marvellous hockingstuart mums each day this week. From Sales to PM to Operations, each mum shares a snapshot of their daily balancing acts between both home life and their real estate career.

Louise Periggnon - hockingstuart South Yarra, Department Manager

How many children do you have, ages, names..

2 girls - Issy, 16 and Claudia, 14

How do you balance being a mum and real estate professional?

The balance between being a mum and working has many joys and challenges.  When the children were younger we employed live-in nannies which was the only way I could meet my commitments as a small business owner.  The live-in nannies were a blessing, and at times a frustration (always difficult moving a stranger into your home) but we now have many friends all over the world and we’ve been to 2 nanny weddings - one in UK and one in US.  Now that our daughters are in secondary school life at home is much easier.

What are some ways you find crossover between your two "jobs"?

I have 3 very clear and distinctly different jobs – mother, real estate agent and business owner but my experience as a mother certainly has applications managing staff and clients (real estate agent) and difficult partners (business owner).

What are some qualities about yourself as a mum that you find transfers nicely into your professional life?

1) Being able to truly multitask.  I discovered I could cook a meal while jostling a grizzling baby on my hip and phone interviewing a prospective new staff member. 2) How to convincingly feign interest in very boring conversations - you can survive anything after you have had to endure endless conversations with your children about the latest favourite pop star! 3) Generosity – motherhood teaches you very quickly that you need to be very generous of spirit to engage a family/work team.

Advice for other new mums entering the world of real estate?

Be very, very organised and don’t sweat the small things.  Being late (often) for school pickup may seem to be the end of the world to your children at the time but they do forget eventually. Use the mother network!

What are some of your favourite things to do with your kids on your days off?

We love walking the dogs on the beach, going for long meandering bike rides and cooking family meals together.

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