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Celebrating hockingstuart mums - Kendall Belsey

In anticipation for Mother’s Day this Sunday, we will be featuring some marvelous hockingstuart mums each day this week. From Sales to PM to Operations, each mum shares a snapshot of their daily balancing acts between both home life and their real estate career.

Kendall Belsey - hockingstuart Albert Park, Sales Consultant

How many children do you have, ages, names..

My son, Charlie; he’s 1 and my fur baby Baxter the Boston Terrier is 5..... and my husband is 32 ;)

How do you balance being a mum and real estate professional?

I am still learning how to balance! Before Charlie, I was a “yes” person - say “yes” and work out how it will fit in later. Now that I’m a mum, I've realised my time is very important these days and structure is key. When I am working, I am working and that time is spent on dollar productive tasks or tasks that will benefit my business, otherwise it's time I could be spending with Charlie. When I block out “Charlie time”, this means no work, no cleaning, no phone, no screen time where we go and do fun activities together like going to the Zoo or the Aquarium or even just some play time at the park with both Charlie and Baxter.

What are some ways you find crossover between your two "jobs"?

I am very lucky to work with my husband Scott. We are a great team both on the work and home-front and we find that we can easily connect with vendors and buyers who are also young parents like us. 

What are some qualities about yourself as a mum that you find transfers nicely into your professional life?

1) Having a greater understanding of other people’s situations, and being able to work around and adapt to others. At the end of the day all I want is what’s best for my family, and that’s a strong consideration I have for my clients as well who also have their family’s best interests at heart. I make sure my clients have my full commitment to help them get to where they need to in the property world. 2) Multitasking and my organisational skills. These are vital to be good at both jobs. I am very systematic in my approach to real estate and home life to ensure happy clients and a happy family. 3) I try to be very positive and upbeat with my clients and it's very important to me that Charlie has a positive and hands-on mum.

Advice for other new mums entering the world of real estate?

Block out family time and treat that time like an appointment. You don't double-book listing appointments or open houses, so don't double-book on your family time. They are only little for so long, and you don’t want to miss any of their joys.

What are some of your favourite things to do with Charlie on your days off?

Taking him to see new things and watching him learn. For example, I took him to the aquarium for the first time and watching his face discover a whole new world was magical.

Having the whole family together on a Sunday is the best, whether we are out and about or just at home, I love us all playing together and having fun. Charlie loves his Dad to bits, so watching them play with a ball or climbing on one another is really nice. It also gives me a bit of a rest which is a bonus because Charlie is non-stop, and a little crazy… in a good way.

Charlie also loves dogs, so taking him to the dog park with Baxter is always entertaining for all.