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Celebrating hockingstuart mums - Caz Colgan

In anticipation for Mother’s Day this Sunday, we will be featuring some marvellous hockingstuart mums each day this week. From Sales to PM to Operations, each mum shares a snapshot of their daily balancing acts between both home life and their real estate career.

Caz Colgan - hockingstuart Armadale, Office Manager

How many children do you have, ages, names..

Two daughters - Shelby (19) who is currently living with a host family in North Carolina USA for a year and Cassidy (17) who is currently completing year 12 and went to the USA in January 2019 playing basketball for 3 weeks

How do you balance being a mum and real estate professional?

1) You have to be extremely organised (I say this as I turned up at a birthday party years ago on the RSVP date - oops!)  2) Make sure there’s plenty of communication with kids and work so you have full awareness of what’s going on 3) Always ensure you stop and take a moment. Make time for both work and kids and ensure you listen so no one misses out on your time and gets upset (which is a juggling act at times).

What are some ways you find crossover between your two "jobs"?

My life is basically organised chaos between both. In a good way!

What are some qualities about yourself as a mum that you find transfers nicely into your professional life?

I’ve been called the ‘mother hen’ as I worry about the staff like I do with my girls. I teach the kids to be hard working and honourable like we are in business.

Advice for other new mums entering the world of real estate?

1) It’s totally possible to balance work and motherhood as long as you strive to be organised and enjoy what you’re doing 2) You need to find a workable balance and give 100% to each, everything will fall into place 3) Give the kids chores/tasks (eg preparing their breakfast, lunches, school bags etc) as they’ll not only enjoy/thrive on the responsibility but it will prepare them for other things later in life.

What are some of your favourite things to do with your kids on your days off?

There’s not a lot of time off in our house - having daughters who both played sport they would play/train 6 days per week. I love every minute of being in stadiums, running them around with my husband and watching them play. When time permits, I love to go shopping or go out to breakfast with my family.

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