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Buyers take note: our open for inspection tips & tricks

Melbourne’s property market is bucking the mid-winter chill with close to 200 hockingstuart auctions held in June alone and our agents have experienced an influx of enquiries from eager buyers.

If you’re one of these keen house hunters beginning your property search ahead of the spring selling season, keep in mind the decision can come down to just 30 minutes – the average length of an open for inspection.

Here are our top tips to help you make the most of the limited time available at inspections, without getting caught up in the heat of the moment.

Plan your non-negotiables
Be prepared for your inspections by deciding on the top five features which are non-negotiables before you begin your search, and keep this list top of mind when you explore the home. This could include the home’s positioning and the direction of sunlight it receives, number of bedrooms, the level of upgrades required, or even whether it has a formal dining room.

Speak to the real estate agent
Arrive early to the inspection to allow enough time to quiz the real estate agent on the area and the history of the house. If you have future renovations for a particular property in mind this is especially important, as planning applications will be dependent on these factors. It pays to know this important information up front.

Take notes
Avoid forgetting minor details of the home by taking notes and plenty of photos. Take note of the floor plan, fixtures, rooms that would need to be renovated, and any damage such as mould or cracks which might reveal structural defects that could impact your budget post-sale. Don’t allow the colour scheme, carpet or a lack of air conditioning deter you, as these can be easily changed. Using the digital styling tool on hockingstuart property listings can help you to understand the floorplan, figure out any additional changes you would want to make and figure out your budget.

Get an outsiders perspective
If you’re inexperienced in inspecting homes, or simply want a second opinion, bring along someone who isn’t emotionally invested in the purchase who will give their honest judgement. The ideal outsider is someone who will ask good questions and make you consider if the house is the right fit, without imposing their views on you. Requesting a private inspection is also a great option as you’ll be able to view the home without the hordes of house hunters, giving you more time to take all the details in.

Check the surrounding area
Explore the area surrounding the home and listen for the sounds of airplanes, trains or a nearby freeway. It might feel strange, but it helps to revisit the area at different times of the day so you have a complete picture of what it would be like to live in the neighbourhood and ensure there are no surprises like a noisy local bar or adjacent train line come settlement.


If you’re looking to buy a new home, then start by checking out our latest property listings with 3D floorplans, digital furnishing options and styling tools to help you envision the home of your dreams.

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